Lance M. Siegel, MD, FAAO, FAAP


Lance M. Siegel, MD, is Director of the Children’s Eye Institute in Upland, California and formerly an Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Siegel received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. He completed an internship and residency in pediatrics at Cedars-Sinai, UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Siegel then completed a residency in ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego, and a fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA. Dr. Siegel is currently board certified in both pediatrics and ophthalmology.



2004 – Pres:  Director, Children’s Eye Institute, Upland, CA.

1999 – 2015:  Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA.

1999 – 2002:  Director, Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology, Loma Linda University.

2000 – 2003:  Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology, Loma Linda University.

1998 – 2005:  Instructor, Attending Staff, Ophthalmology, Harbor, UCLA.

1998 – 1999:  Assistant Clinical Professor, Ophthalmology, UCI.

1998 – 2001:  Pediatric Ophthalmology Astorino and Associates, Newport Beach, CA.

1997 – 2004:  Pediatric Ophthalmology, Pacific Eye Institute Upland, CA.

1997 – 1999:  Pediatric Ophthalmology, Partnership with Veronique Jotterand, MD. Long Beach, CA.

1997 – 2002:  Emergency Room Physician, Pediatrics, St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA.

1995 – 1996:  Staff Physician, Sharp Rees Stealy, Pediatric Group, San Diego, CA.

1994 – 1995:  Staff Physician, Kid’s Doc Private Practice, Children’s Hospital at Mission, Mission, CA.

1993 – 1996:  Attending Staff, Children’s Hospital of San Diego, Emergency Department. San Diego, CA.

1993:  Locum Tenums, private practice, Pediatrics. Eviva Biederman MD, INC. Beverly Hills, CA.

1994 – Pres:  Staff Physician, Ophthalmology and Pediatrics. Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Orange, CA.

1992 – 1994:  Locum Tenums, Axminister Medical Group, Dept. of Pediatrics. Hawthorne, CA.

1992 – 1993:  Staff Physician, Urgent Care CIGNA Health Plans Dept of Pediatrics. Los Angeles, CA.



2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013: Voted by peers as one of the top Ophthalmologists in the Inland Empire in Sept. Best Doctors Issue

2011 US World News and Report, top 10% of all doctors in America

1998: Faculty Teaching Award, UCI Ophthalmology residency program.

1990: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Virginia Commonwealth University.

1990: Medical College of Virginia Honors Research Presentation, First Place Kinloch-Nelson Student Honors Day, May 9-10.

1990: Forbes Day, MCV Graduate Honors Research Participant.

1988: Medical College of Virginia Honors Research Presentation.

1988: Outstanding Young Men of America.

1985: University of California, Los Angeles, Departmental Honors, Biology.

1985: University of California, Los Angeles, Dean’s Honor list.

1985: University of California, Los Angeles, Presidential Fellowship award for honors research.

1984: University of California, Los Angeles, Dean’s Honor list.

1984: Aerojet Scholarship award.

1981: University of California, Los Angeles, Chancellor’s award and Alumni Scholarship award.

1980: Eagle Scout, Troop 623, Upland CA.



1994 – 1996: Use of mydriatic agents (Phenylnepherine, Tropicamide and Hydroxy- amphetamine): The dilatory effects and systemic effects in preterm infants. UCSD, San Diego, CA.

1986 – 1990: Visual and auditory evoked potentials, with a 3-dimensional computer assisted analysis and topographic brain mapping. Medical College of Virginia, Neuro-ophth Dept., Richmond, VA.

1987 – 1988: Developed protocols and conducted a method for inducing necrotizing retinopathy with cytomegalovirus in immune compromised mice. Jules Stein Eye Institute/Wadsworth V.A., University of California, Los Angeles.

1987 – 1988: Developed a protocol for conducting antibiotic treatment of corneal ulcers in rabbits. Medical College of Virginia, Department of Ophthalmology. Richmond, Virginia.

1985 – 1986: Characterization of the physiological hetrogeneity of hepatocytes of the rat. V.A., University of California, Los Angeles.

1984 – 1986: Research involved animal models of multiple sclerosis and peripheral neuropathy, using techniques of micro-dissection, surgery, viral/cell culture, immuno-cytochemistry, and electron microscopy. Reed Neurological Research Center. University of California, Los Angeles.

1983: Data analysis of neuronal synaptic transmissions. Department of Biology, neuro-chemistry section. University of California, Los Angeles.



2014: Peer Reviewer for Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

2012-Pres:  Staff Active, Riverside Community Hospital, Riverside, CA

2012-Pres:  Staff Active, Parkview community Hospital, Riverside, CA

2011-Pres:  Assist. Scoutmaster , Troop 849, Manhattan Beach, CA

2003-Pres: Socioeconomic Committee, Am. Acad. Ped. Ophth. & Strab.

2000-2006: Professional Educational Committee, Am. Acad. Ped. Ophth. & Strab.

2000-2003: Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA.

1998-Pres: Staff – Consulting, Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, CA.

2000-2002: Staff – resigned, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Orange, CA.

1999-2000: Staff – resigned, Doctors’ Hospital/Global Medical Center, Montclair, CA.

2000-Pres: Staff – Active, Queen of the Valley Hospital, West Covina, CA.

1998-1999: Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, Irvine, CA.

1997-Pres: Staff – Active, San Antonio Community Hospital, Upland, CA.

1997-Pres: Staff – Active, Pomona Valley Hospital, Pomona, CA.

1997-Pres: Staff – Active, St. Mary’s Hospital, Victorville, CA.

1997-1999: Staff – Affiliate, St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach, CA.

2004-Pres: Staff – Affiliate, Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Long Beach, CA.

1997-1999: Staff – resigned, Fountain Valley Hospital, Fountain Valley, CA.

1998-1999: Staff – resigned, Western Medical Center, Tustin, CA.

1998-1999: Staff – resigned, Martin Luther Hospital, Anaheim, CA.

1997-Pres: American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

1996: Harvard Intensive Ophthalmology Review Course, March, Boston, Massachusetts.

1995: Basic Science Course for Ophthalmology, February, Houston, Texas.

1995-Pres: American Academy of Ophthalmology.

1994-Pres: Staff, Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

1993: NAUI, scuba diving certified.

1993-1997: Staff, Children’s Hospital of San Diego.

1992: UCLA Alumni Association – Life member.

1991-1992: Santa Monica Volleyball League.

1990-Pres: American Academy of Pediatrics.

1987-2003: American Medical Association.

1986-1991: American Medical Students Association.

1985-1991: American Association for the Advancement of Science.

1984-1986: Biology Undergraduate Association, UCLA.

1982-1985: AGAC/The American Guild of Authors and Composers.



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